2011 - Directed by: Mathieu Kassovitz. Sceenplay : Mathieu Kassovitz, Pierre Geller , Benoît Jaubert Based on « La morale et l’action » by Philippe Legorjus. Director of photography: Marc Koninckx. Editor: Thomas Beard. Cast : Mathieu Kassovitz (Capitaine Legorjus), Labe Lapacas (Alphonse Dianou), Malik Zidi (Jean-Pierre Picon), Alexandre Steiger (Jean Bianconi)... Et la participation de Sylvie Testud (Chantal Legorjus) et Philippe Torreton (Christian Prouteau). Producer Christophe Rossignon and Philip Boëffard for Nord-Ouest Films associate producer UGC Images, Studio 37 and France 2 Cinéma. Distribution France UGC Images and Studio 37

The true story of French commandoes who clashed with tribal dwellers in the South Pacific territory of New Caledonia in 1988.


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